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Ruston Way 5k - Video

Sights and Sounds from the Ruston Way 5k held on April 21, 2012 in Ruston WA.

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Olympian, U.S. Record Holder Ryan Hall to Run ING New York City Marathon 2012 edit this article

Also New Zealand Olympian and decorated record holder Kim Smith announced; more than 140,000 applications received for Sunday, November 4 race

NEW YORK - (April 25, 2012) - On ING New York City Marathon Opening Day Presented by ASICS, a powerhouse pair of distance runners - U.S. Men's Olympic Marathon team member Ryan Hall (left, PhotoRun) and New Zealand Olympian Kim Smith - were announced as headlining the field on Sunday, November 4. The announcement was made by New York Road Runners president and CEO Mary Wittenberg on the broadcast from Columbus Circle.

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Eugene Marathon Announces Elite Fields

Course records for marathon and half-marathon in jeopardy at 6th edition; famed Hayward Field finish

EUGENE, Ore. - (April 24, 2012) - This weekend's 6th Eugene Marathon boasts the largest and one of the most competitive elite fields in the race's history in both the half and full marathon races with runners that include Olympic hopefuls and several others capable of setting new course records in both races. The 50 registered elite runners will come from 14 states and four countries to compete at the Sunday, April 29 event. The men's marathon will have 20 competitors who went below the 2:30 mark in 2011 and the race should be especially highly contested.

Ruston Way 5k Race day photos - 2012

Ruston Way 5k Race day photos

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Korir, Cherop Win Hot 116th Boston Marathon

Another close women's finish; Hartmann top American in fourth place; heat wave hits storied 26.2 mile road race

By: Jim Gerweck, Running USA wire

BOSTON - (April 16, 2012) - Marathon lore holds that a year with optimal weather conditions is usually followed by one that challenges runners, and that was borne out at the 116th running for Boston Marathon on Monday. Temperatures that warmed the runners with temperatures in the 70s at the start in Hopkinton quickly rose under an unseasonable April sun to the mid- to upper-80s by the time the leaders reached the halfway point, eventually reaching a record 87 degrees.

The result, as expected, was that times were well off most runners' anticipated goals. That was also gratifying to organizers, who intentionally spent the three days preceding the race warning participants of the possible dangers, encouraging those not in top shape to not run, even taking the step of allowing those who had qualified to defer their entry to 2013. In the end, only 427 of the 26,716 entrants elected to do so, but many of those who toed the line in Hopkinton did not make it to the finish on Boylston Street. "People were dropping out left and right," said one runner who finished around 4:30. The attrition rate was above average, with 21,611 of the 22,426 starters succeeding in completing the distance before the course was closed, an hour later than normal in deference to the weather.

What was perhaps somewhat surprising was that the slowdown extended even to the leaders, who are usually more immune to harsh conditions than the less-fit participants behind them.

Wesley Korir (left, PhotoRun), an American-educated Kenyan, used a come-from-behind strategy to edge countryman Levy Matebo by 26 seconds in 2 hours, 12 minutes, 40 seconds, the slowest winning time since Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot's second win five years ago.

The women's race once again came down to a finishing sprint down Boylston, with Sharon Cherop (left, PhotoRun) holding of fellow Kenyan Jemima Jelagat Sumgong by two seconds. Cherop's winning time of 2:31:50 was the slowest since Salina Kosgei's 2:32:16 in 2009. The last four women's titles at Boston have now been decided by a total margin of eight seconds.

The hot conditions caused both the men and women to run cautiously from the start, with packs of nearly a dozen going through halfway in 1:06 and 1:17 respectively. That resulted in the somewhat unexpected sight of six-foot-three-inch tall American Jason Hartmann in the lead.

"I was just running my race, not doing anything rash," the Colorado runner said. "And with the weather, no one else was either."

The real racing began, as it often does in Boston, just past Wellesley, between 14 and 15 miles, with Mathew Kisoro and then Matebo putting in surges that whittled the pack down to a half dozen, including defending champ Geoffrey Mutai. Within a few miles, Mutai's chances of retaining his title, and potentially a berth on the Kenyan Olympic team, fell victim to the conditions when he was forced to drop out from stomach cramps, the result of drinking more fluids than he was used to.

By the time the third of the three hills in Newton had been climbed, Kisoro had moved away to a lead of nearly 30 seconds and seemed to have the race in hand. But the victory evaporated in the final downhill stretch from Cleveland Circle. Korir, who had ignored most of the surging on the hills, was running in sixth place when he suddenly saw the runner ahead of him getting closer.

"I thought, 'This is not bad, I can be fifth in the Boston Marathon.' Then I caught fourth place, and saw third just ahead and thought, 'Great, I can be on the podium.' So I just moved up until I found myself in a position to win the race," recounted Korir.

Korir, 29, moved into first as they crested the Mass Pike overpass by Fenway Park, where the Red Sox were playing the traditional morning Patriots Day game. Matebo responded as they entered Kenmore Square, then Korir took the lead for good just before the duo went underneath Mass Avenue with a mile to go.

Meanwhile, Hartman, running his steady-paced race, was echoing Korir's success, finally crossing the finish in fourth place, in 2:14:31.

"This was definitely a race of redemption," he said, referring to his disappointing 2:16:44, 32nd place finish at January's Olympic Trials in Houston. "I thought I was a contender to make the team, even if was an outside chance. Since that race I've had this date circled on my calendar.

"I wasn't going to let the heat bother me. I feel it's the same for everyone, and if you worry too much about it, you're beaten before you start. I wasn't going to allow myself to fail today."

Cherop, 28, who placed third in last year's Boston race, used the lessons she learned there to move to the winner's spot this year.

"I didn't know the course that well, so I got to know it better this time," she said. "I knew how far it was to the finish, when to push."

She admitted that her significant move on the Newton hills was primarily directed at Firehiwot Dado, the winner of last November's ING New York City Marathon.

"The Ethiopian girls have a stronger kick than the Kenyans," she continued. "I did not want to have to try to outsprint her in the final stretch."

Sheri Piers of Falmouth, Maine joined Hartman as the top American finisher, placing 10th in 2:41:45, not far off her Boston times under better conditions.

"We had a mild winter in New England, but I still did a lot of my workouts on a treadmill in a room that was pretty warm," said the 40-year-old. "And fortunately I don't sweat a lot, so the heat didn't bother me that much today."

And while most runners' times were slowed by the heat, the only record set wasn't just the temperature. In the men's wheelchair division, Canadian Joshua Cassidy broke the course record by two seconds, zipping across the line in 1:18:25.

Many in the rest of the field weren't so fortunate. While organizer went to great lengths to caution runners about the hazards of running in hot conditions, and doubled the supply of on-course water, approximately 10 percent of the runners were seen by medical personnel, with 152 being treated at local hospitals.

116th B.A.A. Boston Marathon
Boston, MA, Monday, April 16, 2012

1) Wesley Korir (KEN), 2:12:40, $150,000
2) Levy Matebo (KEN), 2:13:06, $75,000
3) Bernard Kipyego (KEN), 2:13:13, $40,000
4) Jason Hartmann (USA / CO), 2:14:31, $25,000
5) Wilson Chebet (KEN), 2:14:56, $15,000
6) Laban Korir (KEN), 2:15:29, $12,000
7) Michel Butter (NED), 2:16:38, $9000
8) David Barmasai (KEN), 2:17:16, $7400
9) Hideaki Tamura (JPN), 2:18:15, $5700
10) Mathew Kisorio (KEN), 2:18:15, $4200
11) Tim Chichester (USA / NY), 2:21:10, $2600
12) Sergio Reyes (USA / CA), 2:22:06, $2100
13) Brendan Martin (USA / MI), 2:22:32, $1800
14) Gebre Gebremariam (ETH), 2:22:56, $1700
15) Uli Steidl, 40, USA / WA, 2:23:08, $11,500

1) Steidl, see above
2) Franklin Tenorio, 42, ECU, 2:24:04, $5000
3) Tracy Lokken, 46, USA / MI, 2:31:06, $2500
4) Jason Ryf, 41, USA / WI, 2:31:50, $1500
5) Patrick Kuhlmann, 41, USA / DC, 2:32:55, $1000

1) Sharon Cherop (KEN), 2:31:50, $150,000
2) Jemima Jelagat Sumgong (KEN), 2:31:52, $75,000
3) Georgina Rono (KEN), 2:33:09, $40,000
4) Firehiwot Dado (ETH), 2:34:56, $25,000
5) Diana Sigei (KEN), 2:35:40, $15,000
6) Rita Jeptoo (KEN), 2:35:53, $12,000
7) Mayumi Fujita (JPN), 2:39:11, 9000
8) Nadezdha Leonteva (RUS), 2:40:40, $7400
9) Svetlana Pretot, 40, FRA, 2:40:50, $15,700
10) Sheri Piers, 40, USA / ME, 2:41:55, $9200
11) Genet Getaneh (ETH), 2:42:11, $2600
12) Larisa Zyusko, 42, RUS, 2:47:47, $4600
13) Sheila Croft (CAN), 2:48:31, $1800
14) Paula Keating, 45, CAN, 2:48:58, $3200
15) Hilary Dionne (USA / MA), 2:51:56, $1500

1) Leonteva, see above
2) Piers, see above
3) Zyusko, see above
4) Keating, see above
5) Jen Nicholson, 43, CAN, 2:56:01, $1000

Complete results, photos and more at:

this article Courtesy of Running USA wire

Cherop wins 2012 Boston Marathon

Cherop wins 2012 Boston Marathon


The top 10 women finishers, their countries, ages, and winning times:

1. Sharon Cherop of Kenya, 28 - 2:31:50
2. Jemima Sumgong of Kenya, 27 - 2:31:52
3. Georgina Rono of Kenya, 31 - 2:33:09
4. Firehiwot Dado of Ethiopia, 28 - 2:34:56
5. Diana Sigei of Kenya, 24 - 2:35:40
6. Rita Jeptoo of Kenya, 31 - 2:35:53
7. Mayumi Fujita of Japan, 28 - 2:39:11
8. Nadezdha Leonteva of Russia, 27 - 2:40:40
9. Svetlana Pretot of France, 40 - 2:40:50
10. Sheri Piers of Falmouth, Maine, 40 - 2:41:55
See all the 2012 results here

Wesley Korir wins 2012 Boston Marathon

Wesley Korir wins 2012 Boston Marathon

Official times for the top 10 men:

1. Wesley Korir of Kenya, 2:12:40
2. Levy Matebo of Kenya, 2:13:06
3. Bernard Kipyego of Kenya, 2:13:13
4. Jason Hartmann of Boulder, CO, 2:14:31
5. Wilson Chebet of Kenya, 2:14:56
6. Laban Korir of Kenya, 2:15:29
7. Michel Butter of the Netherlands, 2:16:38
8. David Barmasai of Kenya, 2:17:16
9. Hideaki Tamura of Japan, 2:18:15
10. Mathew Kisorio of Kenya, 2:18:15

See all the results at here!

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Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon Partners with 92 Charities

2012 DaVita Charity Partners Program among largest in the country; High Five Youth Fundraisers program also launched

DENVER - (April 11, 2012) - The 2012 Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon continues to provide one of the country's biggest fundraising platforms for local charities and non-profits through the DaVita Charity Partners Program. Charity Partners recruit runners to participate in the full marathon, half-marathon, marathon relay, 5K, or new 10 mile race on May 19 and 20, 2012.

The marathon provides the tools and support to build a successful fundraising campaign where each runner can raise pledges. The best part: the nonprofit keeps 100 percent of the pledges raised.

"The DaVita Charity Partners program is at the core of our race mission to encourage a healthy community in Aurora, Denver and Lakewood," said Andrea Dowdy, Executive Director of the race.

Because the program attracts all levels of runners, the marathon works to provide options, like the Bellco Colfax 5K and the inaugural Urban 10-Miler, for less experienced runners.

"Many of these charities are bringing participants to our event who have never run a race before, so our event line-up is designed to provide attainable and realistic goals for those less experienced athletes," added Dowdy.

Charity partners for 2012 range from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training (TNT), the world's biggest and most successful endurance sports charity training program, to Mile High United Way; from the Colorado Symphony to the Colfax Community Network, providing assistance to families living week to week in Colfax motels.

"With 92 charity partners, we are pleased to say that this puts us among the top marathons in the country in terms of the number of charity partners," said Jean Townsend, DaVita Charity Partners Program Manager.

"At DaVita, we're honored to sponsor the Charity Partner Village at the Colfax Marathon," said Kent Thiry, chairman and CEO of DaVita. "This is all about strengthening our communities. I hope every participant will consider running for charity."

Many charity partners are returning after successful experiences, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado, Food Bank of the Rockies, Urban Peak, Colorado Youth for a Change, and Denver Options' Operation TBI, supporting veterans with traumatic brain injuries.

"Last year was our first year participating as a charity partner. We had never done anything like this event before, so it was a totally new experience with wonderful results. Our original goals were to recruit 30 runners and raise $10,000, but we ended up exceeding both those goals. We had 48 runners representing us, and we raised nearly $12,000," said Katie Goulet with Denver Options.

New this year is the High Five Youth Fundraisers program, sponsored by Primrose Schools, encouraging kids to get involved in charity. Kids 12 and under who raise $50 or more for one of our 2012 Charity Partners get a FREE entry to the Bellco Colfax 5K.

The full list of all 92 charity partners can be found at at the Charity Partners tab. Please email to learn more about participation in the DaVita Charity Partners Program.

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NBC to Feature 12 Hours of Live Track & Field Coverage for Olympic Trials

A record 67.5 hours of total Trials coverage from historic Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon June 22-July 1

INDIANAPOLIS - (April 4, 2012) - A total of 12 hours of live track and field coverage will be a part of a record 67.5 hours of total Olympic Team Trials coverage by NBC in 2012, the U.S. Olympic Committee and the NBC Sports Group have announced.

The 2012 Olympic Team Trials - Track & Field will run June 22-July 1 at storied Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. Covered in primetime between NBC and the NBC Sports Network, the 12 hours of live coverage will include eight days of coverage.

The Olympic Trials is the crown jewel of domestic track & field broadcasting," said USATF CEO Mike McNees. "Every day of competition in Eugene will feature live coverage, giving Americans an opportunity to get a London preview, watching Team USA select itself for the Olympic Games in real-time."

The record 67.5 hours of total coverage will feature 43 hours on the NBC Sports Network and 24.5 hours on NBC featuring a total of 10 different sports. The previous record for coverage was 49 hours in 2008. Additionally, NBC Sports Network and Universal Sports will re-air a combined 117 hours of Trials coverage (74 hours on NBC Sports Network and 43 hours on Universal Sports).

Olympic Team Trials Track & Field - Television Schedule
All Broadcasts LIVE
Friday, June 21
9:00-11:00pm ET on NBCSN
Saturday, June 23
8:00-9:00pm ET/PT on NBC
Sunday, June 24
7:00-8:00pm ET/PT on NBC
Monday, June 25
9:00-11:00pm ET on NBCSN
Thursday, June 28
9:00-11:00pm ET on NBCSN
Friday, June 29
6:00-8:00pm ET on NBCSN
Saturday, June 30
9:00-10:00pm ET/PT on NBC
Sunday, July 1
7:00-8:00pm ET/PT on NBC

For more information on the U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Track & Field, visit:

For ticket information, go to:

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Past Race Champions Returning to Boston Marathon

Inaugural Class of 1972 women among those to be honored; Joan Benoit Samuelson joins Boston Marathon field; Meb Keflezighi to serve as grand marshal

BOSTON - (April 10, 2012) - The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) has announced that several former champions of the Boston Marathon will be returning to Boston and participating in the events surrounding the 116th running of the world's oldest annual marathon on Monday, April 16, 2012.

Notably, inaugural Olympic Marathon gold medalist Joan Samuelson has entered this year's Boston Marathon and will run on Monday. Samuelson won the 1979 and 1983 Boston Marathons (as Joan Benoit) before winning Olympic Games Marathon in Los Angeles in 1984. Samuelson also ran the 2011 Boston Marathon, finishing in 2:51:29. Samuelson has been a member of principal sponsor John Hancock Financial Service's Elite Team and is one of the sport's most recognized and popular personalities. She has remained a competitive athlete for more than three decades.

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We Run This City Program Back for 7th Year with Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon

Program involves more than 700 students from Cleveland Metropolitan School District

CLEVELAND - (April 5, 2012) - A record number of student runners from across a wide range of Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) schools will take to the streets Sunday, May 20 as part of the We Run This City program in conjunction with the 2012 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. Launched in 2006 with 80 students from seven CMSD schools, the program has grown to involve 35 schools and more than 700 students in training.

"We Run This City represents everything that is right about the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon and running in general," said Ralph Staph, Race Director of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. "Not only are these students learning about the importance of physical fitness and regular exercise, but they are also acquiring life skills that will help them handle whatever hurdles they may encounter as they grow older."

We Run This City is a collaboration between the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, the Cleveland Department of Public Health and the Case Western Reserve University Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods. Student runners train during a 14-week period to participate in one of four race options: a 1.2 mile run on race day to complete a "marathon" after accumulating 25 training miles from March through May; the 10K (6.2 miles), the half-marathon (13.1 miles) or the full marathon (26.2 miles). This year, an anticipated 550 student runners will complete the 1.2 mile race, with an additional 125 running the 10K, 35 half-marathoners and five student runners competing in the full marathon.

The students completing the 1.2-mile race will join the course on St. Clair Ave. at approximately noon on race day and run through the finish line in front of Cleveland Browns Stadium. In 2011, Nathan Burton became the first student to compete in the full marathon, finishing in a time of 4:05:05.

"The physical fitness benefits of this program were an obvious goal from the start," said Tara Taylor, Training Director of the We Run This City program. "However, what has really surprised us has been the marked improvement in our students' self-confidence and their willingness to get up off the couch and go outside and play when on their own time. The fact that participation in the program has grown nearly 800 percent in seven years is amazing, but we want to see even more students get involved."

We Run This City is loosely modeled after the Students Run LA program that began primarily as a youth violence deterrent program. Cleveland's youth marathon program is focused on teaching goal setting and helping student runners discover the discipline required to achieve their objectives. It is also concerned with helping CMSD students improve their overall physical conditioning.

CMSD Physical Education teachers enlist student runners and serve as the coach of their school's team, assisted by YMCA fitness staff members. Training logs are distributed to all student runners in which they record their daily mileage and weekly physical activity goals.

Students undergo detailed pre-training and post-race assessments including a series of non-invasive screening tests such as blood pressure, strength and general conditioning. For those participating in the program for two years in a row, the rate of students found to be either hypertensive or pre-hypertensive was reduced by nearly 67 percent.

The students run in practice races to learn race etiquette and participate in conditioning clinics at the Downtown YMCA. Student runners are also provided with a pair of good running shoes, race day t-shirts and the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon spinning guitar finisher's medal.

To learn more about the We Run This City program, visit:

The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon weekend begins Friday, May 18 with the Health & Fitness Expo presented by Prayers From Maria Children's Glioma Cancer Foundation at the International Exposition (I-X) Center. The 5K presented by the Organization for Autism Research and the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Red Nose Children's Run highlight Saturday's activities, while Sunday's events include the marathon, half-marathon, 10K and 26.3 Mile Finish Line Rock Party. To register for any of the events, or learn more, go to:

Last year, both the full marathon and half-marathon sold out and the 10K and 5K came close to reaching their respective caps as well, with 18,300 people competing over the course of the weekend. Race organizers are expecting close to 20,000 participants for the 35th edition in May.

There are additional opportunities for non-profit organizations to raise funds through their participation in the race through Cleveland Marathon Charities, for which information can also be found on the marathon's website.

About the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon
The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon is in its 35th year of providing a fitness experience for all individuals who want to participate regardless of their abilities. The event offers a 5K, 10K, half-marathon and full marathon - all of which participants can choose to run or walk. More than 350,000 runners have participated, generating more than $15 million annually to benefit the Cleveland community.

this article Courtesy of Running USA wire

Austin 10/20 to Debut with Large Field, Fast Runners

Top athletes from around the world compete for cash purse and crystal Championship trophy; Everclear headlines post-race concert

AUSTIN, Texas - (April 5, 2012) - More than 8,000 participants at the inaugural Austin 10/20 will include a stellar international field competing for a $23,000 guaranteed cash purse with additional $20,000 in record bonus money and the right to claim a sparkling new road racing trophy. The 10 mile road race debuts on Sunday, April 15 and features 20 stages with great Austin rock 'n' roll bands playing every half mile along the course.

The entertainment aspect is drawing many everyday athletes and world class runners appreciate the generous purse. The Elite field has been closed with 20 women and 30 men. Twenty two athletes from the USA will be joined by runners from Kenya, Ethiopia and Europe.

Race Director Peter Douglass said, "We don't have a mega budget like some road races and do not pay travel expenses or appearance fees. The athletes have been attracted by our money package and our incredible Championship trophy. We've also got a flat course and a pretty cool new event concept. I think there are going to be some really fast 10 mile times posted on April 15."

The response from the general public has been equally enthusiastic. Austin and Texas runners make up 90% of the entries with 10% from out-of-state. Seven participating charity groups are bringing close to 1,000 runners from across Texas and the United States. Eleven hotels have been sold out around the race venue and rooms are becoming hard to come by.

Event Manager Shannon Madigan said, "One of our goals in creating this race was to build a solid destination event that would contribute significantly to the local economy. We have a great start on that this year and the future looks bright for next. We'll have at least twice as many official hotels in 2013."

One of the big attractions at the Austin 10/20 is the post-race finish line concert featuring the band Everclear. Runners and spectators will be treated to a free show that kicks off at 10:45am. Before that, participants will experience a stage placed every half mile along the ten mile course topped with live rock 'n' roll bands.

"Ten miles is an uncommon racing distance that we think runners will really enjoy and we're pretty sure they will like the incredible amount of great Austin music along the way," says Douglass.

The post-event area will feature an authentic Texas style Barbeque Pavillion hosted by Big Daddy's BBQ and a huge Miller 64 Beer Garden. Art Alexakis, the lead singer of Everclear, is a big fan of barbeque. He and his band members are looking forward to enjoying it at the finish party along with 8,000 of their newest fans.

For more information, go to:

this article Courtesy of Running USA wire

Top Athletes Head to Boston to Compete in B.A.A. 5K and Mile

Two Sunday events part of Boston Marathon weekend and includes the same, famous finish line as the fabled marathon

BOSTON - (April 6, 2012) - The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) has announced that some of the fastest distance runners in the world will be taking part in the fourth B.A.A. 5K and B.A.A. Invitational Mile races on Sunday, April 15, 2012, one day prior to the 116th Boston Marathon®.

The B.A.A. 5K begins at 8:00am at Copley Square Park in Boston's Back Bay and utilizes the same, famous finish line as the Boston Marathon on Boylston Street. The top athletes in the B.A.A. 5K will compete for a prize purse of $25,000. The entry field is closed and is limited to 6,000 entrants. This year, the B.A.A. 5K marks the beginning of the B.A.A. Distance Medley, a three-race series which combines the B.A.A. 5K on April 15, the B.A.A. 10K on June 24, and the B.A.A. Half Marathon on October 7 to crown overall male and female champions. The winners of the B.A.A. Distance Medley will each receive $100,000 and based on cumulative time. A schedule of invitational Mile races follows the B.A.A. 5K.

"These athletes have helped our Sunday events grow, in just four years, into a new tradition and a boost of running energy that primes spectators and competitors alike for Marathon Monday," said B.A.A. Executive Director Tom Grilk. "We can't wait for the competition to begin, and we are pleased to present our Sunday races to running enthusiasts in town during the Patriots' Day weekend, especially those running our Boston Marathon."

Schedule of Events - Sunday, April 15, 2012
8:00am - B.A.A. 5K at Copley Square Park
9:30am - B.A.A. Middle School 1K (Girls, Boys from the eight cities and towns of the Marathon course)
9:45am - B.A.A. Scholastic Mile (Girls, Boys from the eight cities and towns of the Marathon course)
10:00am - B.A.A. Professional Mile (Men, Women)

B.A.A. 5K
The B.A.A. 5K women's field features 2011 Boston Marathon runner-up Desiree Davila, of Michigan, who has qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games in London this summer; Kim Smith, an Olympian at 10,000 meters for New Zealand, and Werknesh Kidane, of Ethiopia, a World Champion and two-time Olympian. In addition, 2011 B.A.A. Half Marathon champion Janet Bawcom is expected to challenge the field for the victory.

Smith, Kidane and Bawcom all have committed to running the three races which comprise the B.A.A. Distance Medley in 2012.

The men's 5K field is highlighted by the return of last year's top three finishers. Returning champion, Ben True, of New Hampshire, set a course record of 14:07 last year. Now the reigning USA champion at 5-kilometers, True was followed closely by former NCAA champion Bobby Curtis, and Ben St. Lawrence, from Australia, running 14:07 and 14:09, respectively. The trio from 2011 surely will be challenged by 2011 B.A.A. Half Marathon champion Ali Abdosh, of Ethiopia, and multiple-time NCAA champion Sam Chelanga, both of whom have signed-up to run the entire B.A.A. Distance Medley this year.

The women's section features the last two B.A.A. Mile champions. Track & Field News magazine ranked American Morgan Uceny #1 in the world at 1500 meters in 2011, and the B.A.A. welcomes her back to the B.A.A. Mile in 2012. Uceny won the B.A.A. Mile in 2010. Marina Muncan, of Serbia, has run every B.A.A. Mile since the event's inception in 2009, and returns as the defending champion. She holds her country's national records at both 1500 meters and the Mile. Last year witnessed a photo finish among the top three finishers, including Treniere Moser, who also returns in 2012.

Australian Collis Birmingham is the top entrant in the men's section of the B.A.A. Mile with a personal best of 3:54.30. Americans Kyle Miller, fourth place in last year's Mile, and Ben Bruce add to the competitive field, but many locals will be following Tim Ritchie, of Boston. Ritchie was a standout runner at Boston College, competes for the B.A.A., and had a breakthrough indoor track season this winter. A combined prize purse of $12,000 will be at stake in these fast and exciting miles.

The men's and women's sections are the last of six races in the B.A.A. Invitational Mile. The four preceding sections are the B.A.A. Middle School 1K and the B.A.A. Scholastic Mile in which high school-aged athletes from the eight cities and towns along the Boston Marathon race course will participate.

For more information including the complete professional fields, visit:

this article Courtesy of Running USA wire

Bloomsday Releases Blockbuster Movie Ads

Contact: Don Kardong, (509) 838-1579

Spokane, WA—This year’s four Bloomsday print ads, which are takeoffs of posters promoting major motion pictures, are drawing rave reviews, according to Bloomsday Race Director Don Kardong.

“It’s not always easy to come up with different approaches to promote an activity as basic as running,” said Kardong, “But our designers have proven to be very creative at doing that, and people really love them.”

The ad series was designed by Steve Merryman of Sigma, the company that produces most of Bloomsday’s ads and printed materials. Each one features a different type of movie—zombie, musical, monster and caveman—along with tongue-in-cheek text that simultaneously promotes the imaginary movie and the Bloomsday Run. The zombie movie ad screams, “They’re 50,000 strong, and they’re right behind you!” while the monster ad, which features an enormous reptile reminiscent of Godzilla, blasts the headline, “This year, everyone runs!” Ads are available for viewing in the news section of the Bloomsday website.

This is the second year of Bloomsday’s faux movie poster ads. Last year’s series won gold “Addys” in several different categories sponsored by the Spokane Advertising Federation, and have been submitted for consideration by the Northwest Regional Advertising Federation. Last year Merryman’s “Finisher” series of Superhero comic book ads won Best in Division in the local Addys, and went on to win a silver in the regional competition.

For those looking to purchase a “ticket” to this year’s Bloomsday Run, registration is open for mailed entries until Tuesday, April 17. Entry brochures are available at Washington Trust Bank locations, Safeway stores, the two Sports Authority stores in Spokane, Providence Holy Family and Sacred Heart Hospitals, and other locations throughout the region.

Online registration for the 36th annual Lilac Bloomsday Run is available at for the $17.00 fee until Sunday, April 22nd After that, the registration fee increases to $35.00, either online (April 23-29) or at the Convention Center on Bloomsday weekend.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Video - Run Like A Fool - 2012

Run Like A Fool , a 5k run , around the north end of Capitol Lake in Olympia WA held April 1, 2012. This event is put on by Club Oly.
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