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Wenatchee Marathon Race Report

Wenatchee Marathon Race Report - April 16, 2011, by Bob Dolphin

After completing marathon #482 at our Yakima River Canyon Marathon on April 2, 2011, I began working on my goal of running #500 at next year’s marathon in the Canyon on March 31, 2012. 

I enjoyed running the Wenatchee Marathon two years ago, so I chose that race on April 16, 2011, as the first of the 17 I need to reach this goal.  Because of my sciatica injury, I registered as a walker and was automatically added to the 6:30 a.m. early start list.

We looked forward to spending the weekend in Wenatchee with Lenore’s niece Andrea Hudson, her husband Kirk and their three children.  Kirk planned to run his 15th marathon that day.  He would leave with the regular starters at 8:30 a.m., but he drove me to the Performing Arts Center on Wenatchee Avenue for the early start.  I was surprised to see about 50 walkers and a few runners lined up to compete in the marathon, half marathon and 10K races.


The weather was good for a race with clear skies, some sunshine and a little wind.  The course took us on downtown streets for a mile, then north for two more miles to a turnaround.  This was followed by two counter-clockwise riverside circuits on the Apple Capital Recreational Loop Trail.  During the race we had scenic views of the nearby Columbia River and the snow-covered Cascade Mountains in the distance.

The western shore of the river had three well-developed parks near the city while the eastside had natural areas of field and forest.  On this side I saw marmot, an osprey and a covey of quail.

As I walked around the circuit, the regular starters began to pass by.  The first runner was Marcell McArthur of East Wenatchee who won the race unchallenged with a time of 2:37:45 for a course record.  In second place was John Lafayette, of Seattle who finished in 2:54:46.

In the women’s race Sandra Pellan of Kirkland had her first win with a 3:19:49.  She had previously been the women’s winner of two Wenatchee Half Marathons.  Ellie Kreyper of Vashon Island came in second with a 3:24:49.

I kept a good walking pace in the first half, but I really slowed down in the second half.  I finally arrived at the footbridge to the finish area and crossed the timing mat in 8:53:21, last of about 200 in the marathon field.
Bob & Lenore
the Dolphin Marathon Team!

I was glad to be among the runners and walkers who participated in this Wenatchee Marathon in memory of its original race director, Ted Finegold, who lost his battle to cancer last summer.  With the support of the wonderful staff and volunteers, I made it.  The countdown is now 16 to reach my 2012 big goal.
Written by Bob Dolphin……Edited, Typed & Distributed by Lenore Dolphin


2:37:45  Marcell McArthur, OVERALL WINNER

2:54:46  John Lafayette, SECOND PLACE OVERALL

3:19:49  Sandra Pellan, FIRST WOMAN OVERALL

3:24:49  Ellie Kreyper, SECOND WOMAN OVERALL

3:36:37  Gary Kobold, 56, 2nd 55-59M

3:53:44  Kirk Hudson, 43

4:23:31  Tim Larson, 58, 3rd 55-59M

4:41:44  Patricia McCorkle, 56, 1st 55-59F

5:03:58  Diana Robinson, 44

5:13:05  Gary Otheim, 68, 1st 65-69M

6:08:37  Mel Preedy, 78, 1st, 70+M

7:47:02  Paul Kennelly, 65, 1st 65-69M

7:46:03  Elaine Koga-Kennelly, 69, 1st 65-69F

8:53:21  Bob Dolphin, 81, 2nd 70+M

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