Monday, November 5, 2012

Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon Offers Discounts to NYC Runners

November 3, 2012

Athletes who had registered for New York Marathon can receive 20 percent discount on registration.

SEATTLE – In a show of support for the running community, the Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon is offering discounts to runners who had registered for the 2012 New York City Marathon, which has been canceled in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

“We believe this is the right thing to do, to try and give these athletes an opportunity to put their months of training and hard work to good use,” said Louise Long, the Executive Director of the Seattle Marathon Association. “The events of the last week in the northeast have been tragic. We are hoping that,even if in just a small way, this will help some of the affected athletes move forward.”

Runners who have proof of registration for this year’s NYC marathon can submit that to the Seattle Marathon Association to receive 20 percent off their 2012 marathon entry fee, reducing the cost to $100. Athletes can also choose to receive a $10 discount on the 2012 Amica Insurance Seattle Half-Marathon, bringing the cost down to $80. For more details go to

This year’s race is set for November 25. The Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon is a Boston Qualifier and a USATF certified course. The course starts in Seattle enter, travels through downtown, along the shores of Lake Washington, and through Washington Park Arboretum before finishing at Memorial Stadium.

The Seattle Marathon was founded in 1970, and has grown to become one of the premier running events on the West Coast. In 2011, the SMA Expo saw over 40,000 people pass through its gates, and the marathon brings five million dollars into the local economy, according to the Seattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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