Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Bridging the Gap" Pacific Avenue Crossing

Construction is now underway of the final leg between Pacific Ave and I-5 

Significant progress is being made on this final leg of the Chehalis Western Trail near Olympia and Lacey.
Work on this project commenced in Dec. 2013. The concrete base structures are poured and the vertical supports are going up now.

This is the third and final segment of the "Bridging the Gap" project.  It will complete the connections between the I-5 Bridge / northern part of the Chehalis Western Trail and the southern part of the trail that currently terminates at 12th Avenue.  It will include the permanent alignment behind South Sound Center.  At Pacific Avenue it will provide an at-grade crossing opportunity as well as an elevated bridge structure, similar to the Martin Way crossing.

What will the new section of trail look like? Look here!  and here

More info here:

For more information on "Bridging the Gap" projects or to be put on a project notification list, please contact Thera Black at (360) 956-7575 or

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