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Capital City Marathon Race Report

Capital City Marathon Race Report by Bob Dolphin

May 15, 2011

On Sunday, May 15, 2011, the Capital City Marathon at Olympia, Washington, celebrated its 30th anniversary with a lot of enthusiasm.  All marathon entrants were given a polyester jacket that had three zippered pockets.  On the front was an embroidered running figure with the wording of “30 Years 1981-2011, Capital City Marathon, May 15, 2011, Olympia, WA.”  The same design was also used on a tote bag that was given to the runners. 

Because I had run 26 of the 29 Capital City Marathons continuously since 1985, this occasion meant a lot to me.  Shortly after I moved to Yakima from Nevada, Iowa, this race was one of my first Northwest marathons.

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The day before the marathon Lenore and I went to packet pickup at the Sylvester Park Race Headquarters.  It’s located at the start/finish lines and across the street from the Governor Hotel where we stayed for two nights.

At the park we met with Denny Brooks of www.ontherunevents.com who has been the webmaster for our Yakima River Canyon Marathon website for eleven years.  We gave him the updates for our March 31, 2012, event, and then we visited with running friends Jim Scheer, Patrick & Unha Lee, Diana “Slug” Robinson and others.

We enjoyed our traditional carbo-loading meal that evening at a nearby Olive Garden with our “adopted” grandson Michael Dutton and others.  The Capital City Marathon 16 years ago had been Michael’s first marathon, and he and I looked forward to the next day’s race for his 17th consecutive Capital City Marathon and my 27th.

The next morning I had breakfast at the hotel and visited briefly with long-time friend Bill Torsen before crossing the park to the starting line.  At 7:00 a.m. about 360 runners began the race in a steady rain that lasted until mid-afternoon.  The air temperature that started at 43 degrees rose to 53 degrees as time passed.

Within the first mile, I found that all of the marathon runners and walkers had passed me.  The last to go by were Diana Robinson and her friend.  Because of a fracture in her left leg, Diana was walking the marathon with the aid of special crutches.  In spite of this handicap, she moved at a good pace as they went out of sight.  I then ran/walked and enjoyed the rural and forest scenery.  The only runners I saw were some of the half marathoners who had started at 7:45 a.m.  Eventually, there was a junction in the road, and they went back toward Olympia while I continued on the marathon course.

Jesse Stevick leads the pack
at the 2011 Capital City Marathon

Thankfully, my sciatica injury wasn’t causing me any problems, but my split times were much slower than I had hoped for.  It took me four hours to get to the halfway mark, so the official in the sweep vehicle offered me a ride.  He wanted me to drop out at that time.  I countered that I needed to finish unofficially by walking in on sidewalks and shoulders so that I could use the marathon toward the 15 I needed to reach a career goal of 500 in 2012. 

After conferring with Race Director Lesley Roberts, he was given permission to allow me to continue.  The timing mats would be removed, but the clock would continue running until I finished!!  That information was a good morale booster.  I was told to face traffic, use available sidewalks, obey traffic signals and be responsible for my food and drink.  I had a full water bottle, gels and other nutrients, so this worked out well.  I had run this particular course four to fives times before, so I was orientated.  Aid stations weren’t manned, but cups of water and gels were waiting for me at each one. 

Finally, when the Capitol Building was in sight, I knew the last half mile would be “downhill to the finish.”  The clock recorded my time at 8:24:38.  I was the last of 355 participants, last of 228 males, and fourth in the 70+M group.

Thanks to good support, I was able to keep my string going.  I found out later that “grandson” Michael Dutton wasn’t as lucky.  He became ill during the night and was a “no-show” at the starting line.

Jesse Stevick, 29, a high school science teacher from Olympia, led throughout the race.  He won with a time of 2:33:12 for his fifth win in the last six of these marathons.  In second place was Alex Bunn, 39, also of Olympia who ran a 2:50:45.  Lonnie Hetzler, 37, of nearby Lacey finished in third place with a 2:59:19.
Men's Winner  Jesse Stevick

The women’s winner was Sabina Pullins, 38, of Joint Base Lewis McChord (a U.S. Army-Air Force military base).  Her time was 3:14:10.  In second place was our friend Marathon Maniac (MM) Mary Hanna, 39, from Maple Valley with a 3:20:45.  Third place went to Amanda Hoskins, 37, of Puyallup with a 3:21:51.
Woman's Winner Sabine Pullins

Congratulations to Lesley Roberts who retired after 20 years as the race director.  I thank her personally for allowing me to finish my 27th consecutive Capital City Marathon.  Best wishes to Nora Snell who is the new director.
Bob & Lenore
the Dolphin Marathon Team!

The 30th anniversary of the Capital City Marathon was a well-organized event again this year.  May it last another 30 years or more!

Written by Bob Dolphin
Edited, Typed and Distributed by Lenore Dolphin


2:33:12 – Jesse Stevick, 29, Olympia, FIRST OVERALL, FIRST in Age Division

2:50:45 - Alex Bunn, 39, Olympia, SECOND OVERALL, 1st

2:59:19 – Lonnie Hetzler, 37, Lacey, THIRD OVERALL, 2nd

3:14:10 – Sabine Pullins, 38, Joint Base Lewis McChord,     FIRST WOMAN OVERALL, 1st

3:19:25 – Tony Phillippi, 49, Tacoma, MM

3:20:45 – Mary Hanna, 49, Maple Valley, SECOND WOMAN OVERALL, 2nd

3:21:51 – Amanda Hoskins, 37, Puyallup, THIRD WOMAN OVERALL, 2nd

3:34:50 – Marc Frommer, 58, Portland, OR, MM, 1st

3:42:46 – Steve Walters, 30, Beaverton, OR

3:44:00 – Christel Elliott, 32, Tacoma, MM, 3rd

3:44:52 – Ashley Kuhlmann, 25, Lakewood, MM, 2nd

3:56:31 – Melinda Scharf, 44, Olympia

4:03:33 – Bill Torsen, 61, Bellevue

4:11:29 – Ron Fowler, 63, Rochester

4:12:56 – Judy Fisher, 67, Auburn, MM, 1st

4:16:33 – Kimberly Kuhlmann, 32, Tacoma, MM

4:23:35 – Mike Kuhlmann, 61, Lakewood, MM

4:27:32 – Cat Schwartz, 51, Puyallup, MM, 3rd

4:30:34 – Unha Lee, 61, Olympia, 1st

4:40:05 – Jim Scheer, 69, Vancouver, MM, 2nd

4:56:49 – Brian Starkey, 45, Edgewood

5:04:19 – Ed Hansen, 64, Stayton, OR

5:34:46 – Marie Zornes, 47, Gig Harbor, MM

5:36:46 – Monte Pascual, 51, Federal Way, MM

5:37:13 – Jon Nevitt, 71, Burlington, 1st

5:37:14 – Rick Haase, 65, Shoreline, MM

5:40:13 – Cyndie Merten, 54, Corvallis, OR, MM

5:47:59 – Paul Fouch, 76, Klamath Falls, OR, 2nd

5:50:59 – Bernadette Langdon, 57, Portland, OR

6:25:27 – Yauming Chien, 68, Bellevue

6:28:53 – Mel Preedy, 78, Ravensdale, MM, 3rd

6:39:15 – Jim Thatcher, 62, Olympia

7:16:15 – Diana Robinson, 44, Bellingham, MM

8:24:26 – Bob Dolphin, 81, MM, Renton/Yakima

 Full Marathon Results here

Half Marathon Results here

Five Mile Results

Half Men's Winner
Nicholas Harvey

Woman's Half Winner
Julie Leasure

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