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Tacoma City Marathon Race Report

Tacoma City Marathon Race Report by Bob Dolphin

May 1, 2011

The fifth anniversary of the Tacoma City Marathon took place at Tacoma, Washington, on Sunday, May 1, 2011.  Marathon Maniac (MM) Tony Phillippi, the co-director with Paul Morrison of the Bonney Lake Fleet Feet Sports store, their associates and the sponsors are to be commended.  In addition to the marathon, this successful event includes a half marathon, marathon relay, a 5K race and a kids’ race.

On Friday, two days before the marathon, Lenore and I drove from our Renton home to Tacoma where we checked in at the Hotel Murano, the Race Headquarters.  We then went to the Health & Fitness Expo/Packet Pickup in the hotel for a short visit with Tony at his booth for the Tacoma City Marathon Association.  A major function of the Association is directing six races in the Tacoma area during the year, including the Tacoma City Marathon.

In the service area I picked up my packet which contained a bib, timing chip and technical long-sleeved T-shirt.  Then Lenore and I worked as volunteers in the 3:00 – 8:00 p.m. shift at packet pickup for the marathoners.

Race Day Photos

The next day we visited with friends at the Expo and attended the Pasta Dinner in the Venice Ballroom of the hotel.  The guest speaker was Eddie Slowikowski who had a stimulating and entertaining presentation.  A major goal that he had pursued and reached was running a sub-four minute mile as a track runner.  After hearing that Roger Bannister of England broke this barrier in 1954, this became Eddie’s same goal, and he eventually persevered.

On Sunday morning I arose at 5:00 a.m. and left the hotel at 6:00 a.m. for the short walk to the start/finish line at 17th Street and Commerce Street near the Convention Center.  There were 20+ early starters, and we visited while waiting to begin our race.  Running friends I can remember seeing at that time were Judy Fisher, Rick Haase, Jane Herzog, Bernadette Langdon, Mel Preedy, Diane “Slug” Robinson, Ray Shaw and Tim & Wendy Stensen.

At this time the temperature was 40 degrees, and the high for the day was 60 degrees.  The sky was clear with calm to light winds.  After the gun sounded, the early starters began their running or brisk walking.  I brought up the rear at an initial 15-minute pace as I walked uphill.  In the third mile while in a park and for the next several downhill miles I was able to run through the city center and down to sea level at Commencement Bay.  As I approached the coast, I had a view of distant islands. 

It was at this time that the regular starters caught up to me, and I was passed by the lead men and women.  These included:  the winner, Michael Lynes, 44, of Tacoma who ran a 2:40:39; second place winner Edwin Vega, 49, of Puyallup with a 2:44:16; third place winner Gilbert Ondusko, of Poulsbo with a 2:55:05; women’s winner Merita Trohimovich, 44, of Gig Harbor with a 3:15:25; second woman Josie Jaques-Maynes, 35 of Corralitos with a 3:16:57; and third woman Leanna Fischer, 35, of Dayton with a 3:26:13.

Most of the remainder of the regular starters passed me as I went along the water front on Ruston Way, through a tunnel, and walked up steep 51st Street to Point Defiance Park.  The forested park was cool and had scenic views of Puget Sound, Gig Harbor and the Narrows.  I began walking continuously in this hilly area.  In the 20th mile the last regular starters passed me, and I walked alone on the pedestrian trail along the side of Highway 16, then by a golf course and through three miles of Tacoma suburbs.  In the last 1.2 miles I descended “J” Street to the Jefferson Avenue downgrade to the finish area.

Bob & Lenore
the Dolphin Marathon Team!

After the 26 Mile marker, I could see the finish arch and crossed under it in 7:55:35, an hour faster than my Wenatchee Marathon time two weeks before.  I was the last finisher of 215 males, last in the field of 342, and first in the 80+M division.  Lenore was waiting for me with a hug, a finishers medal and a chair. 

Thanks go to Tony Phillippi, Paul Morrison, the Marathon Maniacs, Fleet Feet Sports and all of the volunteers.  The 5th anniversary of the Tacoma City Marathon was a great success.

Written by Bob Dolphin

Edited, Typed & Distributed by Lenore Dolphin



2:40:39 – Michael Lynes, 44, Tacoma, FIRST OVERALL, FIRST IN AGE GROUP

2:44:16 - Edwin Vega, 49, Puyallup, SECOND OVERALL. 1st

2:55:05 – Gilbert Ondusko, 42, Poulsbo, THIRD OVERALL, 2nd

3:15:25 – Merita Trohimovich, 44, Gig Harbor, FIRST WOMAN OVERALL, 1st

3:16:57 – Josie Jacques-Maynes, 35, Corralitos, SECOND WOMAN OVERALL, 1st

3:19:57 – Chris Warren, 43, Renton, MM

3:26:02 – Ruben Contreras, 56, Stanwood, 2nd

3:26:13 – Leanna Fischer, 35, Dayton, THIRD WOMAN OVERALL, 2nd

3:30:34 – David Spooner, 42, Bonney Lake, MM

3:38:11 – Ashley Kuhlmann, 25, Lakewood, MM

3:39:22 – Terry Sentinella, 46, Anacortes, MM

3:41:17 – Daniel Kuhlmann, 27, Tacoma, MM

3:49:36 – Guy Yogi, 57, Seattle, MM

3:50:24 – Lesa Overfield, 52, Puyallup, MM, 2nd 

3:55:46 – Kurt Lauer, 49, Seattle, MM

3:59:06 – Michael Shiach, 60, Bainbridge Island, MM, 1st

3:59:48 – Scott Krell, 50, Snohomish, MM

4:00:12 – Ron Fowler, 63, Rochester, 2nd

4:02:28 – Kimberly Kuhlmann, 32, Tacoma

4:07:34 – Judy Fisher, 67, Auburn, MM, 1st

4:12:41 – Bruce Quam, 56, Manchester

4:13:11 – Matt Hagen, 40, Seattle, MM

4:14:44 – Tom Rogers, 66, Bellevue, 1st

4:20:13 – Rick Haase, 65, Shoreline, MM, 2nd

4:26:56 – Betsy Rogers, 47, Seattle, MM

4:27:14 – Mike Kuhlmann, 60, Lakewood, MM

4:29:21 – Brian Pendleton, 56, Auburn, MM

4:55:28 – Roger Macmillan, 73, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, MM, 1st

4:57:19 – Gary Otheim, 68, East Wenatchee, 3rd

5:11:25  - Diane Robinson, 44, Bellingham, MM

5:13:20 – Monte Pascual, 51, Federal Way, MM

5:13:40 – Unha Lee, 61, Olympia, 1st

5:20:32 – Ray Shaw, 53, Tacoma, MM

5:23:48 – Marie Zornes, 47, Gig Harbor, MM

5:53:31 – Cyndie Merten, 54, Corvallis, OR, MM

5:55:01 – Bernadette Langdon, 57, Portland, OR

6:04:03 – Jane Herzog, 47, Tacoma, MM

6:07:22 – Tim Stensen, 58, Seattle,

6:07:22 – Wendy Stensen, 25, Seattle

6:27:37 – Mel Preedy, 78, Ravensdale, MM, 1st

7:55:35 – Bob Dolphin 81, Renton/Yakima, MM, 1st

 Tacoma City Marathon


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